About Us

"PT. Samatraco Industrial Service is a contractor services company that operates in the field of Industrial Cleaning (maintenance)."

Built in 1999 by Mr. H. Azhar Daroemin. PT. Samatraco has been the forefront company in Industrial Cleaning world in Indonesia. Combining experienced manpower and high-quality equipment, we are always giving the best service to our clients.

As your reliable partner in Industrial Cleaning maintenance, we make sure every project is carried out with smart work system to achieve mutual goal between us, customers and, and environment.

To achieve the best performance, we also ensure a variety of quality equipment to enable a safe work operation

Our Vision

To be a reliable, professional and trusted company of industrial cleaning services.

Our Mission

  • Respond to every request and customer's needs through professional services with the support of competent human resources.

  • Provide qualified cleaning services by empowering human resources and technology.

  • Provide cleaning services through mutual cooperation with customers.

  • To be a company that benefits to many people.

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