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PT. SAMATRACO Industrial Services base in Indonesia, we are a leading provider of environmental and industrial cleaning solutions to the downstream and midstream energy sectors. Through a customer-centric culture and the deep-rooted principles of safety, integrity, accountability and adaptability, we have become one of the fastest growing companies in our field. We are leaders in each of our respective service lines, including Vapor Control, Chemical Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Vacuum Services, Water Jet Blasting, Hydroblasting,Hydroexcavation


Our Client

Working closely with our clients, from planning and scheduling, timely project execution and completion.

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Our Business

Our main business is industrial cleaning service (high presure water jetting, slurry blasting & thank cleaning)

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Our Working Team

We’ve developed a strong reputation for superior safety practices and we offer one of the best in the industry.

Our Business

Sebagai salah satu pelopor dalam Cleaning Industri ini (Maintenance Business) kami menyediakan fitur aplikasi baru yaitu metode Painting & Coating  yang tetap mengutamakan Quality, Delivery Time and Cost untuk setiap kebutuhan customers.

Our Motivation

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Slurry Blast

secara luas digunakan dalam engineering, engineering berat, fabrikasi, konstruksi dan industri dalam aplikasi lainnya yang berhubungan dengan Surface Preparation, Penghapusan Cat, Core Removal, Plaster Removal dll.

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